Wednesday, Fifth Week of Lent

April 5, 2017

Daniel 3: 14 – 28.

By *Fr. Peter Chidolue, SJ

The willingness of the three men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, to serve the Lord was not dependent on God's power to save them. They were willing to serve God whether God saves them or not. If they had died in the flame would we have found their lives attractive? We sometimes ask the Lord why bad things happen to good people. But our lives only become bad and sad when we no longer listen to God's voice and when something or someone other than God possesses our heart; otherwise the life of the just is always in God's hands.

It is important to notice that God did not remove them from the fire but entered the fire with them and they were unharmed by it. When we encounter difficulties, God enters into our difficulties with us and gives us the strength to overcome it. He does not remove the problems but gives us the courage and the grace to face them.

As we get closer to the Passion Week, may God give us the grace to see Him in our difficult moments. May God bless you all.

*Fr. Peter Chidolue, SJ, is a retreat minister who lives and works at St. Peter Claver House in Brafo Yaw, Cape Coast, Ghana.

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